Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

    The attention of Lagos State University Authority has been drawn to a number of issues being raised in respect of the University’s new schedule of fees and wishes to clarify as follows

    1. The new schedule of fees is not for old students/staylites

    2. Those who are to pay the new school fees are candidates offered admission for the 2020/2021 and as such are prospective students of Lagos State University;

    3. Candidates who are not able to pay have the option of considering other alternatives;

    4. All stakeholders- staff and students Unions, and the State Government were duly carried along before the implementation of the new schedule of fees;

    It is important that stakeholders are not swayed by emotions in the face of realities that compel the review.

    It is worthy of note that LASU remains one of the most affordable universities in Nigeria in spite of the steady and rapid development that had taken place in the last few years, which culminated in her ascension as the second best university in the country, a situation that

    explains the high patronage of the University in the ongoing admission exercise. These developments come at huge financial costs to the university and the state government.

    The increment is therefore inevitable, and should therefore be seen as a necessary step to further consolidate the quality of education being offered by the University .

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