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    The University of Coimbra is granting Merit international awards in Portugal. The bursary is available for the academic year 2021-2022.

    Application Deadline: Ongoing

    About the Award: The academic culture of the University of Coimbra is profoundly enriched by International Students from more than 100 countries worldwide. Aiming to provide them with better living conditions and study experiences, the University of Coimbra offers a pack of financial support options for International Students.

    Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes

    The University Coimbra will partially exempt students of the tuition fee for some according to the grades obtained by the student, starting from the 1st year of his/her studies at UC and throughout his/her programme. 

    These Scholarships will be granted to the International Students with the best grades in each Faculty, according to the established quota.

    The total quota of Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes is 200.

    If the student´s admission score is equal to or above 160 points, the amount of the scholarship received will range between 1000 EUR and 2000 EUR. 

    Strategic Support Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes

    For some programmes (defined every year) the University of Coimbra will grant a scholarship of 2000 EUR in the first year of the programme to students who applied to and were admitted in relevant study areas in terms of employment and qualified training. 

    These are the programmes covered in 2021-2022: 

    Faculty of Science and Technology

    • Anthropology
    • Biology
    • Biochemistry
    • Civil Engineering 
    • Ambient Engineering
    • Physical Engineering
    • Geology
    • Mathematics
    • Chemistry
    • Medical Chemistry

    Faculty of Pharmacy

    • Bioanalytical Sciences
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences (Integrated Master)
    • Biomedical Pharmacy

    Faculty of Arts and Humanities

    • Information Sciences
    • Classic Studies
    • Geography
    • Tourism, Territory and Patrimony

    Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education

    • Sports Sciences

    Extraordinary Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes

    The University of Coimbra will exempt highly merited students whose admission grade is equal to or above 180 points (not rounded off) and who prove to lack financial means to proceed their studies on the whole amount of the tuition fee.

    If the student fulfils the conditions foreseen by the Regulation, he/she can apply to the Extraordinary Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes. 

    The number of scholarships and the application conditions will be soon be published in the announcement (Edital). 

    If the student fulfils the conditions foreseen by the Regulation, he/she can apply for the Extraordinary Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes: “To apply for the Extraordinary Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Programmes the student must submit the documents listed in the Announcement (Edital), namely the documents that prove the lack of minimum social-financial means and an Academic Progress Project at the University of Coimbra and University Extension” (Article 4, point 9).

    Master Programmes (2nd Cycle)

    If the student wants to apply for a Master Programme at UC

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    He/she can apply for the Scholarship for Promotion of Scientific Research and Output for Master Programmes, which enables the exemption of 2000 EUR in tuition fees. 

    If the student applies for and is admitted in a Master Programme at UC and benefits from the 2000 EUR scholarship, this amount will be paid in each academic year or semester, according to the situation, until the student finishes the programme (according to the total number of academic years or semesters of the programme in question, on a full time regimen).

    These scholarships intend to encourage qualified research and internationalization progress at the University of Coimbra. 

    Other supports

    Besides the above-mentioned scholarships, the University of Coimbra also grants International Students access to indirect social support facilities (such as canteens, residences, children care, medical services) and access to PASEP – Social Support Programmes to Students by Part-time Activities. 

    PASEP aims to support underprivileged students by the following means: providing meal vouchers for SASUC (Social Action Services of University of Coimbra) catering services; partial exemption of the accommodation costs at SASUC student residences, or partial exemption of tuition fee of the programmes in which the student is registered. 

    More information is available (in Portuguese) at: https://www.uc.pt/sasuc/Bolsas-de-Estudo-Outros-Apoios/PASEP

    Prizes and Distinctions

    Apart from the above-mentioned scholarships, the University of Coimbra also recognizes student´s merit through the following mechanisms: 

    Merit Framework for International Students at UC

    1. Merit Framework for 1st year International Students – the 5% of the best International Students admitted and registered in the 1st year, for the 1st time, in the Undergraduate Programmes of Integrated Master programmes of UC are acknowledged by entering the Merit Framework for 1st year International Students. 

    2. Merit Framework UC – UC annually grants the Diploma of Academic Excellency and ensures entries in the Merit Framework of UC to the 5% best national, national equivalent and international students in Undergraduate, Integrated Master and Master programmes for their academic performance at the University of Coimbra, per organic unit and per programme (Regulation of Prizes and Scholarships for the students at University of Coimbra, No. 685-A/2019). 

    Diploma of Distinction for International Students of University of Coimbra 

    This Diploma is granted in a public ceremony to students whose admission score is equal or above 18 points at the UC.

    Diploma of Excellency

    This Diploma is granted in a public ceremony to students whose final score of Master Programmes is equal or above 18 points, when they conclude the Master Programme at UC.

    Best Doctorate Thesis

    The Best Doctoral Thesis Prize targets national, national equivalent or international PhD holders at UC, whose scientific output during the course of the programme stands out by recognizing the quality of the Doctorate Thesis. 

    This is an annual Prize consisting of the public granting of the Scientific Merit Medal and the Diploma of Best Doctorate Thesis at UC defended in the previous civil year, in a certain scientific area or interdisciplinary field (Regulation of Prizes and Scholarships for the students at University of Coimbra, No. 685-A/2019).

    You can also become an International Student Ambassador at UC

    What are the other benefits?

    International Student Ambassadors will also have free access, under certain conditions, to a non-degree online course, as an extra training option. This is highly relevant to the student´s academic and professional curriculum. 

    Type: Undergraduate

    How to Apply:

    • To be considered for the award, students must take admission in an undergraduate degree at the university. After that, applicants must complete the application form for this opportunity.
    • Supporting Documents: Students will be asked to submit their copies of academic transcripts or certificates, a copy of the passport, curriculum vitae, and language ability proof.
    • Admission Requirements: To study at the Bachelor level, students will need to present a transcript of upper secondary education, and in some institutions, international students must also pass an entrance exam.
    • Language Requirement: You should check the English language requirements when studying at the University of Coimbra.
    • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

    Visit Award Webpage for Details

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