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    Application Deadline: 30 September 2021.

    The Africa Data Science Intensive (DSI) program is a hands-on skills training data science course based on solving real-world problems.

    Big Data, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving a revolution around the world as companies rush to take advantage of their data and turn it into a competitive advantage. However there is a shortage of skilled data scientists and managers worldwide and this shortage is much worse in Africa. In this program, participants will master the data science process, from statistics and data wrangling, to advanced topics like machine learning and data storytelling, by working on real projects.

    Program details


    Honours, Master’s or PhD in Science, Engineering or Mathematics or equivalent industry experience.


    January to May 2022 (Exact dates TBC)


    Cape Town


    11 weeks (3 x 3-week online modules and
    1 x 2-week workshop in Cape Town)


    Full awards covering course tuition and travel and living expenses to attend the 2-week workshop are available for qualifying African students.


    Full awards covering tuition for the complete course and travel and living expenses to attend the 2-week workshop are available for qualifying African students.

    Applications for scholarships will only be accepted from students in:

    • South Africa,
    • Botswana,
    • Ghana,
    • Kenya,
    • Madagascar,
    • Mauritius,
    • Mozambique,
    • Namibia, and
    • Zambia.


    Some spaces may be allocated to industry participants depending on demand. If you as an individual or a company would like to send staff on this workshop please send an email to [email protected] for further information.

    Exposure to the latest algorithms and techniques in data science

    covering topics in Big Data (BD), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Under the expert guidance of our team of PhDs and MBAs

    as lecturers and tutors, you will receive a mix of lectures and tutorials covering the core aspects of data science.

    Team work

    the majority of your time will be spent working in small teams to solve real-world problems, giving you deep, hands-on experience with cutting edge algorithms while equipping you with the skills to contribute effectively as part of a dynamic, agile team.

    Emphasis on real-world skills

    including management of data science projects; cleaning of data; and business problem solving skills.

    The solutions you generate

    will be presented to industry experts who will give real feedback, helping further sharpen your readiness for the real world.

    Networking events

    giving you the opportunity to network with potential employers.

    This program is based on more than 22 highly successful workshops run using the same model and philosophy over the past decade.

    For More Information:

    Visit the Official Webpage of the Africa Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program 2021

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