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Popular Nightlife businessman Cubana Chiefpriest has reacted to the viral photo of former Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose climbing Okada with his security aide in Lagos as they head to Ikeja to catch a flight. The governor had shared the photo earlier today stating that Lagos traffic was nobody’s mate.
Cubana took to social media to react to the photo stating that the image was a strong reminder and lesson to governors to remember that their position in office is temporary. He noted governors in office who are mistreating the citizens should remember that their tenure will end one day and reality will kick in. The businessman explained that when Fayose was in office he would have used a PJ but today he will use Air Peace a privately owned airline with other passengers. He finished off saying nothing lasts forever and reality will meet everyone one day.

He wrote;

This Pic Na Lesson To All These Governors Doing Their Fellow Citizens Anyhow, Once You Tenure Finish E Go Clear For Your Eyes, If He Was Still To Be Governor Na PJ But Now Baba Dey Jump Okada To Catch Airpeace Treat Your Citizens Well We All Are The Same, Nothing Last Forever, This Sapa Wey We Dey Suffer Now Go Reach Everybody

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