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20th October, 2021   |   Comments

The attention of Management of FUTO has been drawn to a series of scamming attempts using the name of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Mrs.) Nnenna N. Oti. The scamming attempts cover a range of activities aimed at duping unsuspecting members of the public. Scammers have gone as far as opening a Facebook page in her name and dropped a WhatsApp number there with which unsuspecting people communicate with scammers thinking they were communicating with the Prof Oti. They make all sorts of promises such as offer of admission and employment, connection with Abuja for an appointment position, etc. The scammers then attempt to solicit and extort money from the people through any means or to lure people to a meeting with the “VC” at their specified locations.


FUTO disclaimer notice to the public

The Management wishes to use this medium to dissociate itself from such activities and do hereby state categorically as follows:

The University Management and Administration is NEVER involved in any form of such acts of solicitation and deceit.

• Admissions and Employment in the University follow due process.

Admissions and Employment in the University follow due process The Vice Chancellor DOES NOT invite anybody for a meeting at any location or venue

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Mrs.) Nnenna N. Otidoes not have multiple Facebook accounts and pages and the NOT put out any contact Details on any social media Platform. Anybody interested in contacting the University should visit the University Website.

Whosoever that patronizes the scammers does so at his/her own risk

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