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The Gunners boss was speaking after Steve Bruce was dismissed by Newcastle having been subjected to large scale online abuse during his time in charge

Mikel Arteta has warned that coaches could turn their back on their careers due to fears over the abuse they will receive.

The Arsenal boss has had his fair share of criticism in the past 18 months and has expressed his disappointment at some of the vitriol Steve Bruce was subjected to during his time in charge at Newcastle.

After being dismissed by Newcastle on Wednesday, Bruce revealed in a statement that the job could be his last football due to effect that abuse from supporters has had on both him and his family. And Arteta, whose side take on Aston Villa on Friday night, believes the issue could lead to more and more managers – both young and old – opting not to pursue a career in the game.

What has been said?

When asked whether situations such as the one Bruce has gone through could put young coaches off, Arteta said: “Yes, a lot of people think like that.

“I have a lot of friends who are doing the courses, who doubt whether they want to take the hot seat, or whether it is better to be an assistant or something else.

“And people who have been managers already. Experienced managers are thinking about not doing it again.

“For me this cannot be the barrier, because you have fear about the treatment you are going to receive. I think the enjoyment as well is that big, that it should not stop you.

“But it is important that we take care a little bit of the environment and putting things in the right place. If not I don’t think it will get better.

“I think it will get worse if we don’t do anything about it.”

Arteta’s response

Arsenal’s manager says he has urged anyone who has raised concerns to him about the issue of abuse, to try and remain focused on why they wanted to pursue a career in coaching in the first place.

“You cannot lose the focus, the passion and the love. The reason why you made the decision in the first place to do that.

“If you are affected by every single opinion in life nowadays, with how easy you can read stuff about yourself, you are not going to be happy with whatever you do.

“You have to be able to deal with that. But obviously we can help to be able to deal with it.”

What else did Arteta say?

The Gunners boss says after nearly two years in charge of Arsenal, he now finds it a bit easier to brush off some fo the harshest criticism that comes his way.

“I think you adapt, you learn and you try to take things into perspective,” he said. “You agree or disagree.

“Criticism and opinions can you make you better and you have to listen to that when it comes from the right place. You need to have the right people as well.

“The key is where you put your focus. If you put your focus there you are going to be an unhappy man.”

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