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Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has come out to state that perfection is a desease that is killing everyone in today’s society.
The ever outspoken expert, who never tires when it comes to airing her opinion and pointing our faults in the ways of people, is here to speak on people’s fixation with perfection. She stated that it is indeed a disease that many people fall prey to.

Blessing Okoro stated that nobody can ever be God and so everyone should stop trying to be perfect because only God is perfect. She further pointed out that people should be humbled by their mistakes and learn from them.

As long we are humans, we would surely make mistakes in one way or another. Blessing also stated that these mistakes are what makes us humans and so people should stop trying to be perfect. Taking to the gram, she wrote,

 Perfection is the disease..
You can never be GOD, you will always be humbled by your mistakes because that is what makes you human ..

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