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Though information on the development remained sketchy, sources said the fire started from a particular shop when electricity was restored before 7p.m.

“Students made frantic efforts to put out the fire, while they awaited the arrival of fire service.

“However, they could no longer help the situation when a substance exploded from one of the burning shops.

“The explosion from one of the shops escalated the fire and it extended to more shops, while the students watched helplessly.

“The fire started when NEPA brought light. And it was just a shop.

“Then we called the fire service but they didn’t come.

“So the students started to forcefully bring out generator and other things before one shop exploded and the fire spread.

“Most of the shop owners had closed for the day and had gone home when the fire started.

“If many of them were around, it would have helped to a large extent, because they would have at least been able to remove flammable materials from their shops and that, would have helped  put the fire under control.”

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