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A clergyman seems to have dashed the hopes of Nigerian pastors who are planning to relocate abroad in search of greener pastures.

The Nigerian pastor who was speaking to his congregation in a video that found it’s way to the internet noted that men of God whose ministries are not thriving in Nigeria, also can’t succeed abroad even when they relocate.

“Men of God all of you that say you want to Go to Canada, it’s not a curse you can’t make it…You have been in ministry but you didn’t make it, you have been in this work 12 years and cant gather 50 people and want to relocate to Canada… You’ll become a security guard there… A lizard in Nigeria cannot been a crocodile in Canada.”

He said in part.

Watch video below,

His statement has however stirred mixed reactions from social media uses.

See some comments below,

@thekanyinsola, “Well he is talking about church business and he’s right.. church business is lucrative in Nigeria.. but for normal hardworking people and country where things actually work is a plus to your success story!!”

@esther.ama_, “Abeg make a person hear the word, why is he discouraging people, the fact you did not make It in Nigeria does not mean you won’t make it in another country”.

@princessjoyluv, “You are not my God. “Who shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass when I the lord have not spoken”.

I am a metro reporter on Gistmania, I have been publishing news materials for over 5 years

Posted: at 9-11-2021 12:16 PM (1 hr ago) | Hero
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