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    25th November, 2021   |   Comments

    This is to inform all those that passed the PQE of TRCN that the certificate payment closes 30th November, 2021.


    IMAM Hamzat COE update on TRCN certificate payment

    Once you don’t pay for your certificate levy, you can’t process or get it after the induction.

    TRCN Headquarters will only process and bring the certificates of those that the College sent to them i.e. those that make the certificate payment.

    The college will not pay on behalf of any candidate, which means it is not what you think that after the induction you can still come and collect the certificate, remember it is a federal government certificate, it is not the college that will issue it.

    Individual processing is not acceptable by TRCN after the induction, it means even if you pass the examination and you don’t pay forget your certificate, that is the end. You may end up sitting for another one because you don’t process the certificate of the one you passed, God’s willing if you pass.

    This is the tradition of TRCN not the college, ask anywhere.

    It will be advisable you pay your certificate levy and get yours on the induction day.

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