Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

    Nigerian songstress, Simi has questioned the popular act of spanking a child as a means of correcting a child.
    The mother of one took to her page recently to opine that children are the original learners who require patience and as such, communication might be a better way of correction instead of spanking.

    She wrote as caption to a tweet that asked people to stop hitting their children because it teaches them to be violent and accept violence from others as a sign of love,

    My take is why is it correction to beat a child when s/he’s wrong but physical abuse when you beat an adult for the same thing? Is it because they can’t fight back? “spare the rod” but shey na actual rod? Raising a child takes a ridiculous amount of patience and they will test it. Sometimes you might be so mad u want to even beat urself join lol – but is spanking really the answer?

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