Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

    A viral video of a boy and a girl in school uniforms displaying seductive dance moves has sparked outrage from social media users
    In the video that found its way to the internet, the girl guessed to be a teenager is seen twerking against her male colleague who should be in the same age group as hers.

    Engrossed in the dance, the boy then bends his face to her bum as she grinds her bum against his mouth for some seconds. The video was shared on social media with the caption, “Our future leaders“.

    In other news, the video of a secondary school student getting proposed to by her boyfriend who also is a student of her school, has gone viral after it was shared on the internet.

    As can be seen in the video, a young lad in school uniform is seen proposing to his teenage girlfriend who was overly excited. The young guy is seen putting a ring on her finger as well.

    And right after accepting his proposal, the duo shared a passionate kiss before she then flaunted her ring. Watch video here.

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