Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

    Tinibu should never rule Nigeria .What is the integrity of a man who built all of us success in thuggish and cultism to intimidate and oppress the society .This man fan base  can be traced down to  Lagos touts known for their extortion ,environmental nuisance and drug peddling ,arms racketeering and violent.Tinubu can only win in Lagos  not in all of the geopolitical zones in Nigeria .His popularity is questionable and his character is as well questionable.I can say he came into national prominence by riding on Buhari popularity in the north ,west and South .Therefore,I personally believe that Tinubu is only good for a SW presidebcy not Nigerian presidency .That’s just my observation

    Posted: at 11-01-2022 11:08 PM (4 hrs ago) | Gistmaniac
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    One thought on ““Support Tunubu Because Of His Past Good Deeds” – MC Oluomo Urges Yoruba Sons & Daughters”

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