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The University Management has approved a process for FINAL WINDING DOWN of the LASU External System (LASUES). Please note that the LASUES is a separate entity and NOT the same as LASU PART-TIME STUDY. 

Accordingly, all students of the LASUES that are yet to graduate as at the time of this publication are enjoined to take the following steps to enable them partake in the outstanding course.

LASU make-up examination for students of external system

A. Identification of outstanding courses

I. Visit LASU Students’ Result portal:

II. Click on LASUES

III. Enter your matriculation number to view your academic profile and identity your outstanding courses.

NOTE: Portal will be available on Monday, 4th April 2022

B. Enrolment for the examination 

Students are to click on the “enroll for the examination”. This will re-direct the student to make payment of the required fee being the cost of examination for the outstanding courses.

C. Payment and Examination

On payment, the student will be required to LOGIN to the examination portal with the matriculation number used for the payment and proceed to the examinations.


a. Student can choose to take all the outstanding courses during the period of the examinations.

b. Payment is required ONCE for all the examinations (outstanding courses).

c. The examination period shall be between Friday, April 1st 2022 and Sunday, July 3rd 2022.

d. All examinations administered shall be populated on the student’s academic profile by Friday of every week.

e. Deans of concerned faculties shall facilitate questions and answers availability.

Students graduating from the above process shall immediately be recommended for Senate approval by the Vice Chancellor’s committee on the LASUES makeup examinations.

For further clarifications, please send an email to

 NOTE: ALL PAYEMENT SHOULD BE MADE ON the University shall not be liable to any payment made through other means other than the approved University payment channel.

For further details, please visit  

To be activate on the Friday, 1st of April 2022.

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