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Certificate for graduates of the 25th convocation and beyond will now carry a very unique addition, by way of an instant verification feature. 

This intervention by the DICT is to further improve the security of the University’s Certificate and to ease the verification process. 

LASU upgrades certificate, to now bear an instant verification feature

According to the Acting Director, DICT, with the new feature of the certificate, verification request for certificates will henceforth need not be sent to LASU; as the technology embedded in the certificate and it’s photocopies will permit the verification of the document without any compromise in the verification process life cycle.

He further explained that since security item is ubiquitous; documents can be verified using a smart phone so that decisions on those wishing to study abroad, seeking promotion at workplaces etc could be reached, real time.

The DR Exams and Record also adds that the old certificates earlier issued without the newly deployed feature will still have to go through the existing process for conventional certificate verification as advertised on the LASU website whenever the need for verification arises

On completion of the verification process; if genuine; relevant information on the graduate will be generated for the verifier to print or save. 

This initiative is in furtherance of the digitalization project of the University. 

In his remark, the Registrar acknowledged with thanks, the efforts of the Vice Chancellor to reduce the life cycle of the existing verification process and minimize complaints received on delayed verification. 

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