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Body of lady who was declared missing after getting into a BRT in Lagos, has been found with some parts missing.
Bamise was heading to the brother’s house at Ikotun to stay with the wife who was in labour.

She boarded an LBSL bus, popularly known as BRT, at the Chevron area of Lekki en route to Oshodi on February 26.

Bamise reportedly boarded the bus with number 240257 at 7:30pm.

Narrating her sister’s last movement, Elizabeth told The Nation: “On Saturday evening (Feb 26), my sister closed by 7:00pm. She normally have breaks on Sundays. She works at Ajah as Fashion Designer, and she normally work from Monday to Saturday.

So when she closed on Saturday (Feb 26), she wanted to come to my brother’s house because his wife was in labour. She now decided to come over. My brother stays at Ikotun. My missing sister’s house is in Ogun state, Ota precisely. She stays with our Aunty (first born).

She boarded a bus from Chevron bus stop. Working at Ajah is her first time. She decided to learn Fashion Designing. When she entered the BRT bus, it was only her, and there was no light inside the bus.

She had felt safe inside the BRT bus since it is a popular state bus but she wondered why it was only her that was in the bus and the driver didn’t pick up any passenger.

She was even conversing with a colleague of hers because she felt unsafe. She was sending voice notes to her friend. Her friend advised her to drop down because the driver didn’t pick up any other passengers.

Before entering, she informed her friend that the driver was passing some remarks at her but she didn’t answer.

“So later on, the driver later picked up three people on the road. Two men and a lady. Then she now felt calm.

Before the driver picked the three other persons who had disguised as passengers, she made several videos of the bus and the driver and sent it to her friend. The video captured the bus number. It helped us in tracking the bus.

Her phone was not low, it is a new phone and she just bought it three weeks ago. Her friend chatted with her several times but she didn’t reply.

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